Family Road Trip Supply List

With the holidays around the corner, many of us will be preparing to embark on family road trips; which can be wonderful bonding experiences, or torture for everyone in the car. Proper preparation and the right mindset can make your trip one to remember (in a good way)!

The below list is a great starter guide for your road trip and it can be customized to best fit the age and interests of your children.

  1. Tablet (we typically regulate screen time closely in our home, but are much more flexible on road trips). Each of our kids have their own Kindle Fire and love it! I make sure to have each of them fully equipped with their favorite games, movies and shows before we head out.

  2. Headphones… for so many reasons!

  3. Travel activity table. This one is a good size and easy to move around.

  4. Car power inverter. If your car doesn’t have one already, you’ll want this for all your electronic devices.

  5. Car trash can. I can’t handle a messy car, so this is a lifesaver for us.

  6. Car organizer/snack storage. This is a great way to keep some snacks, drinks and extra activities organized and accessible to the kids.

  7. Portable coloring set.

  8. Activity books.

  9. Wikki Stix. These allow for some creative play, without being too messy or difficult to do while driving.

  10. Wet Ones. If your family is anything like ours, you’ll want to bulk up on your wipes before any car trip.


Best of luck and enjoy the time on the open road with your family!

family road trip supply list

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