Create a Paint Smash Monster Puppet

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and we love doing Halloween-themed crafts together. We recently made paint smash monster puppets and had so much fun with them! The kids really enjoyed mixing the paint colors, smashing the paint and adding features to the silly monster faces and played with their creations for hours. I love that it is such a simple activity with easy clean-up and allowed for so much child influence and imagination.

Here is how we made ours:


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Step 1: Fold the white cardstock in half, either horizontally or vertically, to make a crease in the center of the paper and open it back up.

Step 2: Apply paint to the middle of the cardstock. This is a great step to allow creative color mixing and designs or patterns; you can do straight lines, swirls, zigzag lines, dots or any combination of these.

Halloween monster alien craft paintStep 3: After the paint has been added, fold the cardstock in half again, along the crease. Use your fingers to smash the paint down between the paper. If you are doing this on a textured surface, you will get some added lines and details in the paint.

Halloween monster alien craft paint smashStep 4: Once the paint has been smashed, open the cardstock to reveal your colorful monster face.

Halloween monster alien craft paint smashStep 5: Leave the cardstock open to let the paint dry completely. Once the paint has dried, cut out the monster face.

Step 6: Use glue to attach the craft stick to the back of the monster face to make it a puppet.

Halloween monster alien craft paint smash

Step 7: Cut out construction paper strips to use for arms, legs and hair.

Step 8: Glue the construction paper strips to the back of the monster puppet.

Halloween monster alien craft paint smashStep 9: Add creases or curls to any of the limbs or hair for added character.

Step 10: Complete the monster by gluing googly eyes on and drawing any additional facial features with a black marker.

Halloween monster alien craft paint smash puppet

Enjoy your silly monster creation by doing a puppet show or make more monster friends to go with it!


Paint Smash Monster Puppets

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